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Day 23: A Chambana Fourth of July

Kayla loves the Fourth of July, especially the fireworks, so staying at her house ensured that we would have a memorable holiday.

After we went on a morning walk together, Kayla and I visited my most favorite place on earth: Meijer. No journey to the Midwest would be complete without a trip to this delightful box store. (I kid, I kid! Though I am legitimately sad that we might end up somewhere that doesn’t have an Aldi.)

Kayla @ Meijer

The afternoon was spent making macaroni and cheese and pound cake. Darby helped us clean up.

Darby licking batterAnd we dried our eyes out while engaging in an intense Dr. Mario battle.

playing Dr. MarioDo you like butter and sugar? Yes? Good, then make this pound cake.

Amanda's cheese poundcake

Then cut it up and turn it into a patriotic trifle!

red white and blue trifle

I haven’t been in a kitchen much since we left on WVT, so I really enjoyed cooking with Kayla today!

Kayla & Mica with trifle

She showed me how to grill corn (rub it with butter, sprinkle with salt and pepper, wrap in foil, grill). This is my new favorite way to eat corn!

goofing off with corn


Meanwhile, Harrison and Darby were sent on an important errand. We said “Get some ice.” And, boy, did they deliver or what? As Darby says, it’s like “a human torso of ice.”

Husbands with iceAll this preparation was for a good reason. Jin, Joey, and Jenna came over for an Independence day cookout!

Cookout collage

The guys were verrrrry excited to launch bottle rockets in the street.

Joey launching rocket.

Eventually, we were able to tear them away from their toys in time (Actually, with plenty to spare) to go watch the fireworks.

Fireworks watching collage


I’ve been reflecting some on our experience here.

I don’t think we’ll rush back to visit Champaign-Urbana anytime soon because most of our friends are the only thing anchoring us here. So many of them are moving on to new and exciting things right now: Jenna is going to grad school in D.C. Kayla and Darby are moving to Texas and becoming parents. Amy is starting a professor position in Florida, and Ryan is headed to William & Mary. And those that are staying in the area? They’re only here for a little while longer before they go off on a new adventure.

We’re excited for all of you–those moving and those staying! We’ll come visit wherever you end up and hope that we will move somewhere that you want to visit us, too!

Happy Fourth of July from Wedding Victory Tour!


2 thoughts on “Day 23: A Chambana Fourth of July

  1. Kayla says:

    Glad you documented our day! That’s why I keep you around. 🙂 I’m so happy you included us as part of your WVT! We loved having you here. Could you stay the rest of the summer?

  2. I was thinking in the previous post, that you have such great friends there (like when you mentioned Harrison’s poker group) but that is the only thing going for you, there. (Which sounds bad but I know you know what I mean). It’s exciting that everyone is moving on to cool new stuff and you will get to follow their adventures!

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