from the road

Day 24: Champaign to Round Lake, IL

We caught lunch with our friends Brian & Kya and Dan & Alejandro at Golden Harbor. I’m really intimidated by their giant menu (in Chinese), but Dan and Alejandro go frequently enough that they could order for us.

Group at Golden Harbor

All four of them had just gotten back from France, and they had some hilarious (and infuriating) stories to tell. It almost made us want to go back…but not really.

Kya and I had the same fortune. Twice the success!

Same fortune cookie messages

We’ll come back to CU to get our stuff–hopefully in August–so I hope we can catch up with them again!

Then it was on the road again, heading up 57N to Round Lake, IL. It used to seem like a really long drive to go from Champaign to a northern Chicago ‘burb, but after so many weeks on the road, it was no big deal!

Plus, Sirius (the satellite radio) was particularly kind to me on this trip:

Screenshot of Satellite Radio

“Another Day,” “Defying Gravity,” “My Heart Will Go On”

We’re staying in Round Lake for the weekend with our friends, Kim and Steven and their cat Data. I first met Kim through her blog, but we’ve hung out so many times now (and keep in touch, like, every day) that I consider her one of my good friends!

Last night, we went to El Famous Burrito¬†for Mexican. The burritos were baby-sized, so here, Harrison is demonstrating how to give infant CPR. (He wants to point out that it looks like he’s taking it’s pulse, but take note. Infant CPR requires two finger compressions!)

Harrison giving infant CPR to burrito


Kim and I were delighted to share a plate of vegetarian fajitas. I wish we lived closer so we could always share restaurant meals! (Friends & Family note: A good way to get us to move to your city would be to offer to split restaurant meals with me, ahahahaha.)

Kim & Mica with plate

As I type this, we’re getting ready to go on a (vegetarian!) picnic, so I’m going to go help cut up some fruit!