from the road

Day 2: The Northeast

We left Poughkeepsie this morning and headed for Vermont, by way of Albany, NY.

The New York Capitol Building looks like a huge and imposing public library, don’t you think?

NY State capitol


Of course, we also hit Montpelier for Vermont. (There was a group of what appeared to be dancers/theater kids in tight tank-tops in front of the gold-domed building today.)

VT State capitol

In Vermont, we drove on a very curvy road (Rt. 232), two miles of which we had to keep our eyes peeled for dangerous moose crossing.

Perhaps more importantly, we hit up….

IMG_0138Got any ideas yet?

Cabot Creamery signThe Cabot Creamery outside Cabot, Vermont!

Cabot CreameryThere may not be any cellphone service at Cabot, but there are tons of cheese curds! We went on a brief tour where we could see cheese curds being pressed into 42-pound packages. We even watched a special video about cheese-making at Cabot in a viewing room full of awards:

Cabot Creamery video


Now, we’re in White River Junction, VT for two nights. It’s a mini reunion for Harrison’s college friends, one of whom is getting married tomorrow. In the mean time, Yeguang/”Shaq” nomnom-ed some chicken wings:

eating chicken wingsIt rained all day, which made for poor visibility on the road and generally cold, wet weather. Let’s hope it clears up for the wedding tomorrow!