We have a date and an air mattress.

After some deliberation, indecision, and wheedling, we have officially set a date to get married: Friday, May 24th, 2013We picked it for three reasons:

  1. Our anniversary will always fall on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend or slightly earlier. This will give us an excuse to take a great trip over the long weekend.
  2. Friday allows our gainfully-employed Richmond friends to celebrate with us without worrying about work the next day.
  3. Hiring someone to take snazzy pictures of us in a dress and bow-tie (plus other articles of clothing, of course!) is significantly cheaper on a Friday than the Sunday of a long holiday weekend.


Our plan is to get married in the morning with just our parents present. Then we’ll eat a tasty wedding lunch, spend the afternoon enjoying ourselves, and hang out with some close friends that night.

To be honest, all of my energy had previously been focused on planning a very long road trip: whom we would see, where we would go, what we would eat. However, it is pretty important to decide when and where and how we are actually getting married. So far, we have one of those bases covered. Yesssss.

It feels oddly satisfying to have an actual date that we are going to get married, even though I always knew it was going to happen. We aren’t sending Save the Dates or fancy, letter-pressed invitations. However, it’s the date that we have now decided upon, the one that works best for us this year and in future years, and the one we’re saying out loud to ourselves and to Bodger (who is clearly invested in this process) .

Hooray! Baby steps!

And in addition to a date, we also have a fancy new ALPS queen-sized air mattress.* Lauren, a blogging and Twitter friend, tipped me off that this baby was on-sale, and we snatched it up. It arrived yesterday, and I was eager to try it out.

Deflated ALPS queen air mattress

Once it was inflated, we made sure that it will accommodate different sleeping positions:
Inflated ALPS queen air mattress


My personal favorite:

Inflated ALPS queen air mattress


Also, Harrison wants me to put up this picture because he thinks it makes him look cool.

Harrison is cool



Alright, that’s all I got for now. Check back soon for a post in which I solicit advice about selecting someone to be an officiant because apparently, our original plans of a courthouse wedding are no more.


*We are in no way affiliated with ALPS mountaineering products. We are not being paid to endorse their products by spreading ourselves luxuriously across them.