The day we got married in photos.

It has been one week since we got married, and I have been putting off posting because I have so many pictures. And also because I don’t think I can adequately express all my feelings about the day.

Briefly, the wedding day went like this:

I woke up, went for a three-mile run, did my own hair (showering and blow-drying) and make-up, and made some chalk art on the sidewalk. It immediately started raining.

Wedding Victory Chalk

Wedding Victory Chalk

Harrison and his family arrived, and we drove to Libby Hill Park for the 10:00am ceremony. We caught a ten-minute break in the rain to get married. I thought I would care about the rain and my lack of control, but I really didn’t.

I also thought I would cry, but I didn’t. It all just came together “perfectly” (but, of course, imperfectly), which sounds so sappy-awful-wedding-cliché. It was exactly what we wanted: short, funny, no vows–just “I do’s”.

After the short and sweet (but tear-less, on our part) ceremony, we went back to my mom’s house for coffee and snacks. My dad treated us all to a special rap-song that mostly involved blowing raspberries:

wedding rap

Then we went to lunch at Tarrant’s, but I forgot to get a picture.

In the afternoon, we met back up with our photographer, Eva at photo lady love, for some cool Richmond-y shots. (Will post soon!)

Then we checked into the Jefferson where we got free champagne (and other fancy “romance package” perks)!


We reconnected with high school friends at Bottom’s Up Pizza for dinner:

Bottom's Up, wedding dinner, casual


Instead of dancing, we entertained ourselves by trying to draw a free-hand an extremely accurate map of the US:

Freehand map of the US

Then it was Comfort for banana pudding, drinks, and fellowship:

banana pudding at Comfort, Richmond Ben bought us champagne!

It was really the best it could have been. I was worried that I would finish the day and feel disappointed that it wasn’t bigger or somehow different. Most important to us was having a fun day by spending time with friends and family, and they really delivered on that one. We feel very lucky, indeed.

More pictures, mostly from my camera, here:





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