Wanted: Wedding Victory Playlist Suggestions

Wedding chalk decorations

We received a copy of our official marriage license today, so as Father-in-Law says, we’ve “done it now.”

WVT kicks off in just over a week. We leave next Wednesday, June 12th, for a wedding in New Hampshire. What better way to kick off a wedding victory tour?

Harrison has been planning furiously: making extensive route maps and deciding which destinations we’ll hit along the way.

While we’re driving roughly 10,000 miles, we’re going to need some good music. Unfortunately, our current selection is mostly limited to burned CDs of alternative pop-punk from our high school days. And while I do love Something Corporate, I’m pretty sure a new marriage can only endure so much New Found Glory, Yellowcard, and Fallout Boy.

Thus, let’s continue with the crowdsourcing of this wedding victory tour! I am asking you, our friends and family and Internet creepers, to suggest music for our very long journey.

Do you have a favorite song for roadtripping?

How about some lyrics that really speak to you on the open road?

What about that album that really brings you back to middle school/high school/college/summer 2003?

These are all perfect suggestions for our Wedding Victory Tour Playlist, and we want to hear them!

Really! We are going to need a lot of music for this trip. Please use this form to suggest a song or album for us to add to play with the windows down (or maybe up) on the open road. Make sure to tell us why this musical selection is a particularly good addition to our WVT playlist.

Even better, tell us who you are and leave your phone number or email address. (No worries–only we’ll see this form!) I’ll do my best to contact you when we listen to one of your suggestions!

You’re probably a music buff and are just bursting with suggestions. Well, lucky you, you can resubmit the form as many times as you want with new stuff.

Thanks so much in advance. We can’t wait to hear from you!

If the embedded form doesn’t work on the WVT site, access just the suggestion form here.


2 thoughts on “Wanted: Wedding Victory Playlist Suggestions

  1. Catherine says:

    I recently unearthed a bunch of mix cds from high school. You are welcome to them/copies of them if you want!

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