Day 3: Muneer & Megan’s wedding

Well, guys, there’s a new married couple on the block! Today, Muneer (Harrison’s college suitemate) and Megan tied the knot in a small ceremony in Hanover, NH.

Congratulations to the newly married couple!

St. Denis Catholic Church weddingI even got to recycle my reception dress:

Mica & Harrison, wedding victory tour

The reception was held in nearby Quechee, VT at the Simon Pearce glass blowing gallery and restaurant.

Simon Pearce, glassblowing

I smell a new hobby….

The building is over top of a waterfall!

Quechee waterfall, Simon Pearce

The glassware was somewhat out of our price range, but it was really nice. We got to eat and drink off it at dinner:

Simon Pearce, wedding table

That’s sparkling cider! Modern Face of Temperance, yes!

Guess how much this bronze moose statue costs. GUESS!

bronze moose statue, Simon PearceDid you guess $25,000? Because that’s how much it costs to own this miniature bronze moose calf. Mmhmmm.

It was a mini reunion of Harrison’s Harvard buddies:

Roommate Ahmad

Roommate Ahmad


Shaq & Kamila

Shaq & Kamila

Brian & Jenn

Brian & Jenn

David & Gin

David & Gin

A long-running joke between us and Muneer is his “death grip” in otherwise friendly photos:

Deathgrip Muneer

The wedding weekend happens to fall during the Quechee Balloon Festival. As the party was winding down, some of the balloons were being illuminated in a field next to the reception venue. I’ve been waffling back and forth as to whether I should get tickets to see Wicked on Broadway next week. (As you probably know, I love Wicked. Harrison is ambivalent towards it, but I’m sure he does not appreciate being greeted in the car by a blast of “No Good Deed” from the stereo cranked on high.)

This is a sign that we should go see it, right? RIGHT?!?

Wicked Hot Air Balloon

Three times isn’t too much “Wicked”!

It has been fun, Vermont!

WVT group in Vermont

Tomorrow, we head to Canada!





6 thoughts on “Day 3: Muneer & Megan’s wedding

  1. I love that dress!!! Where is it from?? I feel like you might have already mentioned this on your blog but I can’t remember 😦 Harrison looks so dapper!

  2. Pat says:

    The reception venue was truly beautiful! Short but sweet time in Vermont. Can’t wait for the next WVT adventure!

  3. That is toally a sign to see Wicked!!! And it looks like the balloon festival you saw was a lot more involved than the one I just went to.

    Love the red dress on you. And I do hope you get to try glass blowing at some point!

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