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Day 4: We enter Canada.

Hello from Fredericton, NB (That’s Canada!)!

After saying good-bye to White River Junction today, we headed to Concord, NH. It was a quick stop, just enough to take a picture of the State House and the statue of illustrious president Franklin Pierce out front:

NH state capitol

Heading up 95N, we stopped quickly in Freeport, ME, to visit the flagship LL Bean store which is open 24/7.

LL Bean flagship store, boot

We were in no way prepared for the overwhelming size and selection of the LL Bean complex (“campus”). I mean, the inside of the general retail store has a pond full of trout and salmon:

LLBean fish tank

Hey, in case we don’t get jobs and are homeless, maybe we’ll buy this tent and stay in your backyard. Sound good?

large tent, LL Bean

It helped to enter the store with an agenda. Harrison grabbed a water bottle, and we both picked up a large LL Bean duffle to carry our clothes. (We planned to visit the store for luggage in advance and had packed our clothes in reusable shopping bags.)

LL Bean Adventure duffle, large

Room to spare!

We were in Maine, so Harrison tried a lobster roll:

lobster roll, LL Bean

And I looked longingly at the whoopie pies. (Maybe on the way to Boston next week.)

whoopie pies, LL Bean

After our quick in-and-out shopping trip at LL Bean, we zipped up to Augusta to get our next capitol photo:

Maine State House

It was very exciting to cross the border into Canada. We’re in another country, so WVT is officially international! Tonight, we’re staying in Fredericton before embarking on a camping adventure for the next few days.

Most exciting about entering Canada? Well, things are in French and English, and poutine is on the menu:

Snooty Fox poutine menu

And while driving through New Brunswick, we saw a moose (!!!) standing by the side of the highway. This has made Harrison’s day. Unfortunately, driving at 60mph makes photographing moose somewhat difficult. As such, Harrison has been kind enough to provide us with a very accurate artist’s rendering on the roadside moose:

Moose drawing

It was a long drive, so I’m going to curl up with a book and get ready to enter the wilderness tomorrow. Please keep your fingers crossed that we do not meet any unfriendly moose!



2 thoughts on “Day 4: We enter Canada.

  1. I’ve heard so much about poutine lately! Really want to try it… but doubt anywhere in London serves it 😦 SIGH! Have fun camping! Make sure you’ve got lots of bug spray!

  2. Did you mean, meese! As in… gooses? Hahahahahha. Ha.

    The LL Bean store looks really fun to explore! That is cool you guys knew to stop there 🙂

    I had vegan poutine a few weeks ago and thought it was HEAVEN!!!

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